College Cost Calculator

College Cost Calculator

How Much Will Testing Out Save You?

The average cost of a 3-hour college course is $1,782, the average cost of testing out using DSSTPrep or SpeedyPrep is $112.00 (monthly subscription + testing fee).

Calculate Your Savings*

*All calculations are based on averages. Savings will vary.


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Active Duty Veteran Military Members

Exams May Be Free

Many service members are eligible for college course credit at academic institutions based on knowledge already gained through military training and on-the-job experience. .*

Who is Elgible?

Service Members: All "actively-serving" members of the U.S. Military Services, including the National Guard, Reserve components, Coast Guard, and Coast Guard Reserve members must have and maintain a valid government-issued Common Access Card (CAC) to be eligible for DANTES funding.*

Does DSST impact GPA

Save Time & Money. Graduate Sooner w/ DSST & CLEP Exams

DANTES funds DSST & CLEP exam fees for eligible examinees and these exams could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars towards a degree, not to mention the time savings compared to 8-12 weeks in a classroom or online. .*

Pass the First Time

EXAM FEES: For eligible test examinees, DANTES provides upfront funding of CLEP test fees for the first attempt on all exam titles. RETESTING POLICY: Retests are not funded by DANTES.*