Refund Policy

DSSTPrep is proud to offer a 100% pass rate guarantee. Our materials are comprehensive and current.

Our guarantee applies when a subscriber has filled their progress bar to a minimum of 90%. After successfully studying and completing any of our preparatory courses, you will qualify for our DSSTPrep money back promise. If you earn 90% or more on your progress bar, but fail your DSST exam, we will refund up to three months of your already used subscription fees.

Refunds are given to subscribers who:

* reached 90% or more on their progress bar,
* are 16 years or older, and
* have taken their DSST within 30 days of their last DSSTPrep sign-in and have failed the exam.

Refunds will not be given for:

* Subscriber dissatisfaction with the service.
* Unused months of any subscription type. (Includes monthly, quarterly and yearly.)
* Pro-rated or partial months for unused service.
* Subscribers who are under 16 years of age.
* Subscriptions that have more than one user.
(Subscriptions are meant for one person’s use only.)

Refunds for a failed DSST exam apply to months already used, not to months remaining on a subscription.

Requesting a Refund

1. Complete one of our guaranteed DSSTprep courses. Study until your course progress reaches 90%.
Take the DSST exam that directly correlates with (i.e. has the same name as) the DSSTPrep course you completed.
2. Fail your DSST exam.
3. Mail, fax, or email a copy of your DSST failing score printout to DSSTPrep within 30 days of the failed exam. Please include your name and email address.

401 Cypress Street, Suite #222
Abilene, TX 79601
Phone: (800) 421-0544
Fax: (325) 673-7801

Is it really hassle-free?

We’re glad you asked! Our guaranteed DSSTprep courses work really well, so most of the time our students simply pass their tests and send us fan mail. On the rare occasion that our courses don’t prepare a student successfully, we refund their money (almost) faster than they can ask for it.