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Pass Your DSST™ Exam​

What Are DSST™ (formerly DANTES) Exams & Why DSSTPrep™?

If experience is the world’s greatest teacher, then your experiences may well qualify you for college credit. The nationally recognized DSST Credit-by-Exam Program gives students the opportunity to get college credit for learning acquired outside the traditional classroom.  With more than 30 exam titles in college subject areas such as Social Sciences, Math, Applied Technology, Business, Physical Sciences, and Humanities, DSST  exams shorten the pathway to graduation while reducing college costs.*

DSSTPrep’s online DSST™ exam prep is all you need to pass a DSST™ exam.  You will have access to short instructional videos, OpenCourseWare, a Facebook study group, a progress bar, and a money-back guarantee. 

Our courses are regularly evaluated by college professors and master AP teachers. As the DSST | Prometric™ changes a DSST™ exam, we have that course reviewed and updated to meet the new standards.

Our subscription pricing allows you access to all 6 DSST™ prep courses.  Choose a plan that fits you!  Plans start at less than $30 a month.


DSSTPrep® is Endorsed by and is an Official Test Prep Provider for Prometric / DSST Credit-by-Exam Program®.

Get College Credit

Get College Credit For What You Know

Passing a DSST® exam shows that you have fundamental and working knowledge of a college-level subject. This becomes a part of your permanent college transcript. Therefore, you do not have to pay tuition for that class, buy textbooks, attend class, turn in assignments or take mid-terms and finals.

DSST® exams can fit into the life of anyone pursuing a college degree, not just full-time students!  Military service people, homeschool students and working adults all use DSST® to streamline their route to a college degree, finding that it fits into their active lives.

You have to pass those DSST® exams, however, to take advantage of the benefits they offer. If you take a DSST® exam and fail it, there is a waiting period, usually three or six months before you can try again. If you are a military service member, your first exam will be paid for by the military, but if you have to try again, you will have to pay for it yourself.